Name Change Contest

Update: Our name is now Astro TV Boxes Canada!

Well folks, the power that be (not naming names, but it starts with a big ol’ G) have notified us that they’d like us to change the name to not include the word “Android” in the title since they own the Android brand.

Obviously the old¬†proves we’re not super creative name makers.

Therefore, we are running a contest for a new name! The Winner will receive a brand new Zidoo X6 Pro Android TV Box and shipped to them Free anywhere in Canada!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • The name must not contain the words: Android, Droid, Kodi, XBMC or any other words referring to copyrighted property.
  • It does not have to include the word “Canada”
  • It should be at least somewhat descriptive and should ideally contain the words “TV Boxes”
  • It must have an available website domain name that will work for it (search here)

There is no timeline on this contest. Once enough entries have been made and there are a few finalists, the contest will close.

Head on over to our Facebook page and comment in the top post for your name suggestions.


Zidoo X6 Pro