Holiday Supply and Demand

The Holidays are almost here and Astro TV Boxes is feeling it like everyone else!

This is Astro TV Boxes first Holiday Season in business, and while some increase in sales was expected, this much was not!

To top it all off, the suppliers are also short on stock because everyone else selling these are having increased orders.

Unfortunately, this means many items are on back order.

If you need your order before Christmas, you should choose the Xpresspost shipping option,

Please note this still doesn’t guarantee delivery before Christmas, but it’s your best chance 🙂

The post office is also swamped and has a disclaimer when tracking on their site that says:

“Due to the busy holiday season, we are seeing higher-than-expected volumes. We’ve devoted extra resources to serve Canadians throughout this peak time. We apologize to anyone who experiences a delay.”

So please be patient with Astro TV Boxes Canada and the post office this Holiday season. Everything possible is being done to get you your order 🙂