Gaming on TV Boxes with Android™

Your TV Box with Android is capable of playing games which you can download from the “Play Store”


The Play Store is by Google and you can sign in using an existing Google or Gmail account or create a new one.

The Play Store features many free games and also some paid games.

Keep in mind that most of these games are designed for use on a tablet or a phone with a touch screen.

A mouse will usually mimic any touch actions fine though for games such as Angry Birds.

Other games, such as Bomb Squad, will operate better with either a keyboard or a gamepad. You can hook up gamepads one of three ways.

1. Plug a USB gamepad into one of the available USB ports directly.

2. Plug a USB receiver into your TV Box for your wireless gamepad. You can even get Wireless receivers that will allow you to use Xbox 360 controllers.

3. Connect a bluetooth device, either a gamepad or a phone. If you connect your phone, you’ll need a Bluetooth gamepad app. There are many to choose from on the Play Store. Note that only the MXQ Pro TV Box does not have Bluetooth.

Any wireless or wired USB keyboard should work as well for those games that need more than just a mouse.