Android TV Boxes sold by Astro TV Boxes Canada  are covered by a 1 year warranty from the time it arrives to you. You are responsible for the return shipping (usually less than $15) and Astro TV Boxes Canada will pay the shipping for the replacement unit. You must send the box back first before we ship out the replacement.

Some problems can be fixed (with guidance) by the customer. If a box is sent back for repair without reasonable attempts by the customer to fix it with guidance, then the customer may pay shipping both ways.

If you have an issue with the software on the box you should perform a factory reset but only do this if your box has the Astro TV Boxes logo on the screen when you first plug in the power. A factory reset will erase anything you've installed yourself as well as all settings and logged in accounts, so be sure to back up your data first if it's important to you. Please contact us for instruction first to ensure you won't lose any preinstalled apps.

All warranties are voided if you:

  1. Open the TV Box plastic case
  2. Flash the firmware
  3. Perform any major firmware updates
  4. Modify the firmware or critical operating system files