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Do you love antiques? Do you live in a modern and contemporary home

Do you love antiques? Do you live in a modern and contemporary home and you're wondering if antiques will fit in with the overall look of your home and your other furniture? There's a little bit of skill required to pull off the look but rest assured, antique furniture can look just as well in a newly built and contemporary home as a Victorian terraced house or a Georgian mansion.

Some antique furniture may look out of place so you do need to choose carefully. While a bureau could sit beautifully alongside modern seating, a chaise longue could look very much out of place beside a sleek sofa with straight lines.

Finding the perfect antique piece for your room can make it all the more special. Consider a chaise longue in your hall or a Queen Anne armchair on your landing. An antique chair or sofa not only makes a statement is this area but adds a hint of sophistication and grandeur too. Even if you never get a chance to sit on the chaise in your hall, by placing a small table, a book and a lamp beside it, it will create a relaxed atmosphere and the illusion of sitting there, perfectly relaxed, with a good book.

An antique piece of furniture can look great in a bathroom too particularly if you have a roll-top bath. Consider a bureau, a chest or a marble topped washstand which could double up as storage for towels.

Small tables or a coal depot can act as bedside lockers too and by being different from the norm, they create a statement in themselves too. Perfect for adding a different touch and some personality to your bedroom or a guest room. Choosing antique pieces such as a coal depot which do not tend to be used for that purpose now will add a quirky touch to your home.

The Victorian coal depot is of exceptional quality, has a highly carved gallery and is standing on four brass cabriole feet. Its dimensions are 40cm W x 36 cm D x 76 cm H. I think this would look wonderful either in a sitting room near a fire or stove or in a bedroom as a bedside locker.

The wine table is walnut with a leather top, standing on a tripod base. It would look superb beside an overstuffed armchair in a study, a Queen Anne chair in a sitting room or as a bedside table.

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