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GausWheel launches revolutionary sports toy

The GausWheel, previously launched in Europe, has just landed on Australias shores with it's latest product line, the GausWheel SLX3.0. Described as a cross between a unicycle, skateboard and scooter, the GausWheel is a revolutionary sports toy that can be mastered by children aged 11+ years who are seeking the latest adrenalin-pumping, extreme-sports alternative.

Global Commercial Director, Peter De Groot says the GausWheel is specifically targeted to the youth of today. Mastering the GausWheel takes practice and a developed skill. Its the challenge that really attracts the teenagers and the feeling of gliding on the GausWheel is beyond rewarding, De Groot explains.

Featuring a high performance, racing bike wheel and a smaller, pneumatic rear wheel allowing riders to adjust pressure for enhanced control the GausWheel SLX3.0 is perfect for all terrains. The frame follows the natural curvature of the leg for perfectly comfortable support from the tip of the riders toe to the top of their thigh.

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Built with high ground clearance, the SLX3.0 enables riders to tilt the frame during fast turns, providing a smooth and controlled experience. The SLX3.0 also features a wide tyre and rim combination for enhanced grip, unlike anything else on the Australian market.

De Groot predicts the GausWheel will take Australia by storm. Australia has a reputation for being avant-garde and being a nation of early-adopters. Before long, teenagers all over Australia will be the proud owners of at least one GausWheel.

The curvature surface design combined with it's dynamic and organic visual elements gives the GausWheel an eye-catching identity of it's own. Currently, the GausWheel SLX3.0 is available in URBAN designs, featuring seasonal bright colours; Groovy Green and Californian Orange.

All SLX3.0 frames are made of fibre-enforced composites.

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