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How to root Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 is a very small dual-core smart phone of Nokia which make it value for money option in the cell phone industry. The Nokia Lumia 520 uses the Windows 8 operating system which is the latest OS of Microsoft. The Nokia is using this strategy to boost their smart phones with a large number of advanced features. Here are some tips to root and which will help you to make your experience more enjoyable with Nokia Lumia 520.

The most important part of any smart phone is the music and how it is being presented to the user in order to access the music applications in the smart phone market. As it has a operating system, the user can control the music from the lock screen itself. On Nokia Lumia 520 once you start playing the music then the rocker volume will drop down the consecutive menu for volume, pause/play and back will appear from top of screen.

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Another important feature of smart phones is the apps. When you purchase the smart phone the main thing you want to see while executing the smart phone is the applications and installing them. But there are a lot of applications in the app store which make it difficult to choose among the various applications. Nokia has provided a Pre-loaded app in Lumia 520 which is a App Highlighter. It is an application of Nokia which will highlight the applications on the basis of their popularity or any other categories.

When you use the smart phone first time, another important thing which is taken to consideration is the memory which is used to store your favourite videos, songs, images and other files. Though Lumia 520 is providing an internal memory of 8 GB, it might not be sufficient in order to store large collection of videos and other files. The smart phone also has the feature of Micro-SD card which has the capacity up to 64 GB which helps you to store a large collection of music, videos, images and other files.

Coming to the root part of the Lumia 520, there are two ways by which you can reset your Nokia Lumia 520, the soft reset or hard reset. In hard reset you need to remove the battery of your Nokia Lumia and reinsert it. Then turn on your device normally. It will refresh the contents of your device without any loss of data.

In software reset the device will return to it's default settings. It will be a new phone where will be no extra data received or sent. The process will delete all the data saved in the phone. If your Nokia Lumia is frozen, it is recommended to perform the hard reset. The soft reset of Nokia Lumia can be done in two ways. You can access it through settings or by doing the hard key combination. Use this option if your device is locked and you forgot the code. Firstly turn off your phone. Press and hold the power key till it vibrates and then release. Press and hold the down key button. When the exclamation mark will be seen on the screen, then only release the button. Your phone will be automatically reset and boot up. This might take several minutes.

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