Are your TV Boxes Fully Loaded with Kodi, FilmOn, etc?

All TV Boxes with Android purchased from Astro TV Boxes Canada come with several apps for watching live and on demand movies and TV shows including Kodi, FilmOn Live TV, FilmOn Kids, Crackle, YouTube, Netflix and more. 

Is watching Streaming videos illegal?

In Canada, copyright laws exempt temporary reproductions of copyrighted works. Since most streaming video does not actually involve downloading a copy of the work (it merely creates a temporary copy that cannot be permanently copied), it is not illegal to view streaming videos in Canada. Furthermore, only the online streaming site you’re connected to knows the internet address of the viewer. That means that even if they wanted to, copyright holders simply can’t know who’s watching these videos. That being said, we do not endorse copyright violation. You can choose to install third party add-ons if you wish.

In America, the laws are much more complex and so Astro TV Boxes Canada cannot offer advice as to the legality of streaming shows. TV Boxes themselves offer lots of legitimate uses such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Browsing, Gaming etc. However if you choose to use streaming with Kodi add-ons like Specto or Exodus, you do so at your own risk.

What channels or shows can I get?

With the default add-ons you’ll get add-ons that legally stream some Canadian channels, US Channels and many UK channels (which do have a lot of American programming on them).

There are also apps and add-ons where you can search for what you’d like to watch.

Can I watch Live Sports?

Several sports add-ons are included and allow you to watch clips, and live events. There are also some add-ons installed that require a subscription to use.

Major sporting events, such as the Superbowl, can be viewed using the USTVnow plugin which is free.

The quality of the video and these add-ons varies a lot, from quite poor (but watchable) to HD.

Any live stream is less reliable than on demand and if missing one game once in a while is a big deal, you should use an alternative for sports such as your cable subscription.

Do I need one TV Box with Android for every TV?

You can move your TV Box between TVs if you want to do so. However, you can’t access the TV Box from a TV that isn’t directly hooked into it (like some PVR’s allow). For the best experience, one box per TV works best. Since shipping is free though you can always buy one first to make sure you like it without losing money from paying extra shipping.

How do I connect my TV Box to the internet?

You can connect your TV Box to the internet using either a wired or a wireless connection. To use a wired connection, simply plug your ethernet cable into the box, if using a wireless connection, set it up in the Settings area of your box (the gear icon). Ethernet is always more reliable compared to WiFi.

What’s the Difference Between the Boxes You Sell?

All of the boxes, essentially, do the same thing: give you access to Android Apps that you can use for your viewing needs. You are encouraged to spend what your budget allows. If you’re the type of person who needs the best, go with one of the higher end models. If you’re someone who wants a great deal, the MXQ Pro may be best for you. Or if you’re a “middle of the road” type of person, the Astro Mini M8S could be best or for just $30 more you could get the new sleek looking EM95X with a digital clock display and 16GB of storage space vs 8GB for the lower priced models. The higher end models will last longer, start up faster, browse through menus quicker, etc. There are other minor difference such as some boxes having Dual Band WiFi or Bluetooth, but these things aren’t necessary or important for most people’s uses.

How come you don’t sell cheaper TV Boxes?

Many people sell cheaper TV boxes with Android. Many of these boxes are “no name” and simply say “Android” on them. When you ask these retailers what brand the box is they will usually says “It’s Android brand”. This is the equivalent to someone saying they have a “Windows brand” computer. Windows and Android are Operating Systems. A computer brand would be something like Dell, Asus, Acer or HP and and a TV Box brand would be things like MX, M8S, Zidoo and Minix. We don’t sell cheaper boxes simply because the hardware is inferior and of cheaper quality and more likely to cause problems. Specs aren’t everything, even cheap brands offer Quad Core processors and 2 GB of RAM, but a name brand MXQ Pro with only 1GB of RAM is still better. You are also entitled to 1 year of limited support with your purchase.

Which TV Box is right for me?

There are several models of boxes sold by Astro TV Boxes Canada. All will do what you need them to do! However, for some, there is more to consider.

If price is most important to you, the MXQ Pro is a great option.

If performance is important, but you don’t want to break the bank, the Astro Mini M8S model has more RAM which means some performance enhancements. The Astro Mini M8S also has Bluetooth allowing you to connect Bluetooth devices to it.

For only $30 more you can get the new EM95X with 16GB of storage space, 2GB of RAM and a nifty digital clock display.

If you simply must have the best, the Zidoo X6 Pro or the Minix Neo U1 perform better than all of these and also have extra storage. Storage is not that important as you’ll likely be using your TV Box to stream (which means it isn’t stored on your box). However, the extra storage does allow you to install more apps and even games and with the built in Bluetooth you can sync Bluetooth gamepads such as DualShock PS3 Controllers or other devices to make gaming a great experience on your TV Box thanks also to the superior speed and reliability of these higher end models.

What kind of warranty is there on these TV Boxes?

The TV Boxes sold by Astro TV Boxes Canada carry a 90 day warranty from the time it arrives to you. For a hardware defect, you are responsible for the return shipping (usually less than $15) and Astro TV Boxes will pay the shipping for the replacement unit. You can also get a refund but must send the box back first.

Boxes can be reprogrammed for up to 1 year if needed, for free, but you’re responsible for the shipping both ways in this case. Remember you can restore your TV Box yourself as long as you haven’t done a factory reset on the box) by following the guide in the Troubleshooting and Support guide.

Does the Rii i8+ work with all devices?

The Rii i8+ mini keyboard with trackpad will work with virtually any smart device with a USB port, this includes all computers. It does not require Bluetooth to work.

How many channels can I get with the HD Antenna?

What channels you get will vary a lot depending on where your TV is located in your home, as well as where you live. Generally bigger cities will get several stations and smaller will only get 1-3. Make sure your HD TV has a coaxial (cable) connector on the back or you won’t be able to use a HD Antenna. Placement of the antenna does make a difference, the higher up it’s mounted the better.

You can check which over-the-air channels might be available in your area using the link below. If you’re too far from the broadcast stations you might not pick up any channels. Note that this site is not 100% accurate, it’s just to give you an idea of what might be available to you with the HD antenna.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select Only Digital next to the Current database section after searching your address. Analog channels do not work with digital HD TVs.


Will your Virtual Reality headsets work with my phone?

Every VR headset should work with a phone that is between the sizes listed on the product page.