Install RetroArch Emulation System (FREE)

Install RetroArch Emulation System (FREE)
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We will install RetroArch Emulation System and all the best emulation cores for free on any Android box purchased from us. ROMs not included. Google is your friend.

You will need a bluetooth or USB compatible game controller to use this properly but a full USB keyboard (wireless or wired) works fine for simple RPG and puzzle
type games like Pokemon, D&D, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Yoshi's Cookie, Pacman, Bust a Move, etc. (Mini WIreless Keyboards sold here and elsewhere do not work in RetroArch).

This courtesy install does not inlucde any support but many tutorials are available online that will walk you through how to use RetroArch on Android and set up your controllers.

This install is only available during time of sale. Previously purchased devices are not eligible for the free install, but again there are plenty of guides available on how to do this already.

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