HD TV Antenna

HD TV Antenna
HD TV Antenna
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This HD TV Antenna will pick up local HD stations absolutely free!

With this HD Antenna, you can get your local stations and keep up on the news.

How many stations you'll get depends on your location. If you're in a major city or close to one you'll likely get anywehre from 4-12 stations. If you're in an outlying area you may only get 1-3 channels. If your live in an rural/countryside area, far from the city, you may not be able to pick up any channels.

Usually you'll get things like Global, CTV and CBC but in some big cities you'll also get a few other channels. If you are very close to the US border you might pick up PBS, NBC and ABC. What channels you can get depends what's being broadcasted n your immediate area. You can get an idea of what channels might be available here: http://www.tvfool.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29 (NOTE: Make sure you select "Only Digital" next to the "Current database" section after searching your address.)

Please note that these are for HD TVs ONLY. Also, make sure your HD TV has a coaxial (cable) connector on the back or you won't be able to use a HD Antenna. The connector you need looks like this (circled in red, may say Cable instead of ANT):

How to scan for channels:

  • Press “Menu” on the TV screen. Multiple tabs should appear.
  • Go to “Setup” or “Settings”.
  • There should be an option called “Channels” (Other TV sets might say “System”)
  • Go to “Scan Channels”. (Other TV sets might say “Program Channels”, “Autoscan”, “Auto program”, or “Autotuning”.)
  • Press either “Select”, “Enter” or “OK” to start the scan.
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